At Shire Hearing Centres we cater to your hearing needs and provide solutions that suit your hearing and your lifestyle.

Which category best describes your lifestyle?

  • Extremely Active Hearing lifestyle
Extremely Active Hearing lifestyle

Your are in very noisy situations almost everyday of your life. This may involve different social club meetings, restaurants, church, shopping in big shopping centres on a regular basis, and also having regular get togethers with family members and/or friends. You would have a lot of benefit from this level of technology.

Shire Hearing Centres Hearing in a croud

Premium Hearing Solutions

Developed to satisfy those who desire and expect nothing but the best. Thanks to a complete set of trailblazing solutions that uniquely address all hearing challenges, these hearing aids support understanding in even the most difficult listening situations, for example at a busy social event.

  • Fairly Active Hearing Needs
Fairly Active Hearing Needs

You are in noisy situations about 1-2 times per fortnight and spend majority of your time in less busy environments where it requires more listening at a one on one basis and/or in smaller groups with friends and family.

Shire Hearing Centres Hearing in small groups

Advanced Hearing Solutions

All the performance levels have the perfect balance between performance and price. An impressive offering of features that enhances hearing ability in a variety of listening environments, including those with moderate levels of background noise, for example at a restaurant.

  • Quiet Hearing environments
Quiet Hearing environments

You are not in many very busy listening environments at all and like to socialise in smaller groups every now and then. Majority of the time you like being in more quiet environments and enjoy easy listening to the radio and television. You like more one on one conversations and still do not want to be overwhelmed with too much noise.

Shire Hearing Centres one on one conversations

Essential Hearing Solutions

The Essential products are designed for people looking for an affordable yet effective solution to enhance daily communication abilities, mostly in quiet or minimal background noise, for example one to one conversations.

At Shire Hearing Centres we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. We are a family owned, independent business and have lived in the Shire for almost 50 years. We are committed to making sure that you get a great service so we choose the best from all the major hearing aid companies. With a great selection of products for you to choose from we are sure we can offer you the right solution for your hearing needs.

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