Hearing Tests for Adults

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There are lots of different ways to have your hearing tested. Initially, a screening test might be used. Screening tests are used to find out whether you need further testing.

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Hearing Tests for Children, Shire Hearing Centres

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It is difficult to know if a child can hear well or not. That is why most babies in Australia have a screening test at birth for their hearing. However, some children are born with good hearing and develop a loss later on.

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Hearing Tests for Seniors

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We offer hearing tests and assessments for seniors all over Sydney. If you are a senior and would like to learn more about what we offer please feel free to contact us today or learn more.

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At Shire Hearing Centres we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. We are a family owned, independent business and have lived in the Shire for almost 50 years. We are committed to making sure that you get a great service so we choose the best from all the major hearing aid companies. With a great selection of products for you to choose from we are sure we can offer you the right solution for your hearing needs.

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