When it comes to choosing a hearing healthcare provider it can be extremely overwhelming when trying to make this decision, especially if you know so little about the right choices to make when you are hearing impaired. Here are some questions and answers to consider when choosing a hearing healthcare provider.

What is involved in the initial process?

Your first point of contact with your hearing healthcare provider is to have a hearing test and then if needed, will assess and advise on the most appropriate rehabilitation plan –maybe a trial of some hearing aids. Your communication with this person is probably the most important part of your rehabilitation plan. You need to be able to express ALL of your hearing healthcare concerns at any given time- so make sure you can communicate well with them.


You will have the Consistency of the same clinician – from Hearing test stage throughout the whole hearing aid trial stage to the actual fitting of the right hearing aid for you and all the aftercare after that! You will know us well. We have gained such a friendly supporting rapport with all of our clients. We like to make you feel part of the extended Shire Hearing Family!

We are family operated – English speaking (our first language) with good diction to help the hearing impaired through the rehabilitation period. Local People Serving Local People.

What is the rehabilitation plan in helping with the hearing impaired?

For the hearing impaired, being rehabilitated, does not just mean getting fitted with a hearing aid and that is it. Wearing hearing aids can take a lot of time and adjusting. Be sure to enquire about the hearing healthcare provider’s rehabilitation plan. When choosing a provider, most people stay with them for the lifetime of their hearing healthcare needs and only have to change if the location isn’t always convenient. Always ask them what does your rehabilitation plan consist of?


We do not just fit hearing aids we change peoples’ lives through our fully comprehensive rehabilitation program- including our HALFS rehab program. A successful hearing aid fitting is not just about the fitting of hearing aids. It is about the persons approach and commitment to undergo change in their lives to allow the hearing aids to assist them. Here at Shire Hearing Centres our staff are always here to assist you along the way of your hearing healthcare journey.

Once you are a client of Shire Hearing you are a part of the whole family – where we ensure that we keep you up to date on a regular basis and encourage you to always participate. This is imperative when it comes to a successful rehabilitation program.

You will receive regular newsletters keeping you up to date with everything from rehabilitation to the most advanced hearing aid technology.

Regular reminder letters on all your follow up care

A new interactive website with Social media like Facebook to help inform the hearing impaired about upcoming events

How convenient are your sites for ongoing repairs etc?

There needs to be a practical approach when it comes to maintaining services throughout the rehabilitation program. This also needs to be convenient. If it is just a visiting site, make sure serviced offices are close by to assist you with any repairs that you need.


We have 2 main offices in Cronulla and Engadine. Both offices are manned 5 days a week with a full time on site technician who covers basic hearing aid repairs. At our Cronulla office we also offer Saturdays for our workers or carer’s that cannot make appointments throughout the week. We also have a visiting site and Kirrawee. For details please contact our office for a Hearing Test of Hearing Aid assessment at any location convenient to you.

When it comes to purchasing hearing aids, ask providers if they are owned by a hearing aid manufacturer, or do they only push one type of product?

In some cases hearing aid manufacturer’s own hearing centres so before someone even walks in the door, whether that hearing aid is right for them or not, they are highly likely to be fitted with that product. Also ask for trials! How can you know a sound experience if you do not get to trial them?


At Shire Hearing Centres, we are completely independent and we offer free hearing aid trials on a regular basis to all our clients, whether they are new to us or even just upgrading to something more sophisticated. We have every month what is called “new technology trial days”. This is where people can trial devices before they buy. Just start with a quick hearing test and we will guide you in the right direction for what hearing aid is right for you as we have a broad range of manufacturer’s that we deal with.

At Shire Hearing Centres we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. We are a family owned, independent business and have lived in the Shire for almost 50 years. We are committed to making sure that you get a great service so we choose the best from all the major hearing aid companies. With a great selection of products for you to choose from we are sure we can offer you the right solution for your hearing needs.

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